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你好!/ Hello there!

这里是 SkyEye_FAST,也可以叫我 Masertwer。

This is SkyEye_FAST, aka Masertwer。


Probably people from Jiangsu Province won't say that they're from Jiangsu?

自我介绍 / Self-introduction

我是一名中文 Minecraft Wiki 的编辑者,同时会在各种 Wiki 出没。目前在放一段维基假期。曾经为 Minecraft 的简体中文翻译尽过一份绵薄之力,主要贡献为翻译了“下界合金”。


欢迎访问自建的 Wiki:奇葩栖息地


I am an editor of Minecraft Wiki (ZH), and I'll appear in various wikis from time to time. Currently wikibreaking. I've done a modest contribution to the Simplified Chinese translation of Minecraft, and my main contribution is the translation of Netherite(“下界合金”).

In Teahouse Studios, I'm mainly responsible for some work on Bedrock Edition.

Welcome to my self-built Wiki: Miracle Habitat.

If there's anything wrong with what I've done, please don't hesitate to let me know, I would be very grateful.

联系 / Contact

游戏 ID / Game ID

平常大概玩玩 Minecraft 和打打音游(Arcaea、Phigros 和 Muse Dash)。

Usually play Minecraft and music games (Arcaea, Phigros and Muse Dash).

  • Arcaea: 258847344 (SkyEyeFAST)
  • Xbox: SkyEye FAST